Daily India Jaipur

Jaipur – The Pink City

When we were there:

Mid August

Where we stayed:

Moustache Hostel: This hostel was OK… wouldn’t rave about it – we wanted to stay in Zostel (well known chain) but it was booked out. Moustache was quite run down compared to how it was shown in the photos when we booked. If you are getting a double room, it might be worth getting a similarly priced hotel in a better location.

Where we ate:

The Kitchen @ Jaipur Modern: We are here because we were craving some Western food. The pizzas were really good… but at 400INR per pizza, way to expensive compared to other places around.

Nibs Cafe and Chocolatier: we looooved this place! The food and the prices… you can get an nice cappuccino for 90INR… the pizzas are also really nice for around 200INR, and they have other decadent options as the name suggests – such as a chocolate pizza, chocolate pancakes, and other things to make your heart stop. Our only complaint would be that they don’t open until 11, so we couldn’t go there for breakfast!

Curious Life Coffee Roasters: If you’re dying for an amazing coffee… go here. They are more expensive, 150INR ($3)… but totally worth it! Even an Australian coffee snob would be impressed. We also got the the pancakes here with banana and caramel sauce which were delicious too.

Kalyan Rooftop: Pretty little rooftop restaurant, we got the Thali here to share. It was pretty good, but not really big enough to share like a lot of other places.

Peacock Rooftop restaurant: Great rooftop restaurant at the top of a hotel.


Stuff we did:

Amber Fort/Palace

If you do go to Jaipur the Amber Fort/Palace is a must see! The city of Amer, originally the capital, is also surrounded by impressive walls which are also worth exploring. The Amber Fort has all you would expect from a majestic building of that era, and if you’ve been to any other Forts in Rajasthan, this one is

– Entry fee 500INR

– Tuk tuk to/from the Fort should cost you 200INR (one way)

Anokhi Textile Museum

– Entry fee 80INR

Monkey Temple

The Monkey Temple is somewhere all of the Tuk tuk drivers say is a must visit. Its a short drive out of the city. The walk up the hill to the temple is only short and the view is quite good across the city. Entry is free, but if you don’t have much time give it a miss. The monkeys are all at the bottom and the temple isn’t much to look at either.



Heritage Textiles

How we got there:

Train from Jaiselmer (through Jodhpur)


Other tips:

When you arrive in the bus or train, you will be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers wanting to take you to your accommodation. If they quote you an unusually cheap price… it’s probably because they want to sell you one of their “tours” which will be a day rate (400-600INR) where they take you to all the tourist hot-spots.

To get to and from the Amber fort from most places in Jaipur will cost you 200-250INR (one-way), don’t pay more than this. If you get a return journey, they’ll wait for you up there, and it should cost around 450INR.

What we thought:

Jaipur is full of great food options and the Amber Fort/Palace is simply stunning. You must go here!