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Jodhpur – The Blue City

When we were there:

Late July (monsoon): It did rain quite heavily most afternoons and drainage seems to be quite a problem on the streets. But mornings and most of the day is fine to explore the city.

Where we stayed:

Stops Hostel: We stayed here in a private double room with AC and a private bathroom. The room was very spacious and clean with excellent styling. At only AUD $24/night this has been one of the best rooms we have stayed in so far! Although it’s situated a couple of km’s from the clock tower (old city centre) it has some very inviting common areas, activities as well as restaurant Baari which we ate at a number of times during our stay, which makes it worth the short tuk tuk fare into the old town.

Afternoon view of the children flying their kites from the rooftop of Stops.

Where we ate:

Nice cafes and restaurant seem to be hard to find in Jodhpur.

Cafe Royale (number 1 on trip advisor): Don’t have high expectations, in fact lower them a lot!

Pal Haveli Rooftop Restaurant: Is quite a high end Indian restaurant with a gorgeous view of the fort. The food was quite food but the view alone of the fort in the evening makes this place worth visiting. Don’t tell your tuk tuk driver you are going there or they will add an extra 50-100 rupees to your fare, tell them you are going to have a look at the Step Well which is just next to it.

View from the Pal Haveli Rooftop

Step Well Cafe: Has a wonderful view of the Step Well, there isn’t many food options on there menu but its a nice relaxing spot for an afternoon drink if you need to escape the heat.

Baari Restaurant: Situated above Stops Hostel is a nice and clean restaurant and a good option if your unsure of where to go. We had the pasta and pancakes there a few time, both were tasty!

Stuff we did:

Mehrangarh Fort: Awesome fort! Giver yourself at least 4 hours to do it properly. It costs 500 rupees each to enter the fort and that price includes the audio tour, which is really good! There are some great photo opportunities everywhere in and around the fort, so bring your cameras!

Model Shot!

Step Well: This is a gorgeous Step Well and one of the nicest in India. It is still maintained by the royal family, this is why it is still in great condition and people can still swim in it. We actually visited it a few times whilst in Jodhpur, definitely check it out!

Blue Bohmemian (textile shop): Located near the clock tower is the great little shop. You can find some nice little goodies here, particularly if you like Indigo Block Printed Cotton clothing. 100% cotton too, you can’t trust what all the shop keepers tell you.

Mandore Gardens: The temples here are quite interesting, only go there if you have the time. ┬áIt’s not very well looked after, there is a lot of rubbish around, people begging as you enter the gardens and the museum itself is not really worth the 100 rupee entry fee.

Mandore Gardens

Blue City Tour: Walking tour done every other afternoon with Stops Hostel. It costs 300 rupees/person and is worth going on. The guide will take you by tuk tuk to some great spots throughout the old city that you wouldn’t have otherwise found on your own and really only the locals know about.

View of the Blue City taken from the Fort.

Other tips:

The tuk tuk drivers here collude and try to rip you off more than any other place we have been in India. Use Uber as your bargaining tool, if they can’t beat it or at least match it order the Uber. Be mindful that cars can’t drive into the old town easily. The best option if you’re heading into the old town is to get a tuk tuk but don’t pay more than 60 rupees from Stops Hostel (their first price might be 200 rupees). Our hostel said to use 30 rupees/km as a guide.

What we thought:

The Fort and the Step Well are beautiful and well worth visiting the city of Jodhpur. We struggled with the lack of food options available during our 5 day visit, we felt we could have seen everything we wanted in two days.