Bentota Daily Sri Lanka


When we were there:

Early July (monsoon season on the east coast)

It rained in the afternoons and the water was pretty murky.

Where we stayed:

Wunderbar Hotel: We stayed in a triple room for $90/night. The room was very spacious and clean, but the breakfast that was included was average.

Where we ate:

On the two nights we were in Bentota we decided to eat at a little restaurant called Trax, it is in a funny little location smack bang right on the train tracks. We ate there both nights because the food was excellent. We had curry, whole fish dish and pasta all three dishes were up there with the best we had eaten in all of Sri Lanka!

Stuff we did:

Bentota was quite disappointing for us as there was not much to do. Most of the accommodation is resort style and we are assuming most tourists stay in their resorts as we didn’t find much else to do. We spent most of our time playing cards at out hotel.

In peak season we hope the beaches are nicer as there was quite a bit of rubbish around.

What we thought:

Give it a miss. 🙁