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Kandy: The Cultural Capital of Sri Lanka

Temple of The Tooth

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth is a Buddhist temple in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of the Buddha.

For tourists it cost 1500l kr to enter plus a 100 lkr tip to store your shoes. You could spend a lot of money visiting all of the temples in Sri Lanka, but we believe that if you had to go to one this would be it. We visited at 6:30pm to catch a glimpse of the relic. Although, when I say a glimpse I mean literally a glimpse as there was a large crowd also waiting to see the relic so you are literally rushed passed an open door to have a quick look. The temple itself is beautiful inside with gorgeous carvings, painted ceilings and large ivory on display. It was very busy in the temple at this time as all of the locals and lots of school groups visit the temple at this time also but worth pushing through the crowds to have a look!

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Pidurangala Rock

It is believed that the history of Pidurangala Vihara is goes back beyond to the first and second century BC. From those days Pidurangala was used as a Buddhist monastery and but became a prominent place during the reign of King Kashyapa (473 – 495 AC).

According to ancient chronicles, Prince Kashyapa had killed his father King Dhatusena and fled to Sigiriya to find out a more secure place to prevent retaliation attacks from his half-brother, Mugalan. With the arrival of King Kashyapa, the Bhikkus who were medidated there were requested move to the nearby Pidurangala. In a sort of compensation, King Kashyapa refurbished the temple and made it a prominent place.

After reading lots of reviews on Trip Advisor we decided to organise a driver to take us to Pidurangalar Rock, climb it and be at the top ready for sunrise! This meant we had to be picked up from our hotel at 3:30am.Our driver in a very small budget car cost 6,000 lkr return from Kandy, he was excellent! When we arrived at the rock at 5:30am it was still dark when we paid for our 500 lkr ticket to climb the rock. With no instructions or directions we made our own way up the rock and very quickly found ourselves lost! Unfortunately we didn’t find ourselves at the top of the rock for sunrise but we found a beautiful little clearing to watch the sun rise above the horizon. Once we had taken that in we decided we would continue our adventure to the top and try and find the track we somehow missed. We eventually did and felt very silly for missing it as it was quite obvious in daylight! The climb itself probably only took around 20-30 minutes of climbing uneven stairs and rocks. The view at the top of the surrounding area and The Lion Rock was spectacular. All worth the early morning rise, getting lost and the tough climb to the top!

Pidurangala 1 Pidurangala 2 Pidurangala 3Pidurangala 4

Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake, also known as Kiri Muhuda or the Sea of Milk, is an artificial lake in the heart of the hill city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, built in 1807 by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe next to the Temple of the Tooth. Its a nice little spot for a stroll, watch out for the Water Monitors having a little nibble on the fish, we got a good fright one morning!

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